What is SEQRID?

SEQRID is a personal protection system that provides important information for first responders in emergency situations - on point.

Use SEQRID in your family, work, sports and many other emergency situations - from children that have lost their way to accidents to medical emergencies.

In case of an accident or medical emergencies SEQRID provides important information like allergies or important drugs. SEQIRD works together with relief forces to offer support in such situations.



Accidental separation from your child is a nightmare - increase the chance of finding them as soon as possible by using SEQRID.

SEQRID protects families



Maximize Fun - minimize Risk. Increase your safety in risky situations - be it downhill or jogging, on a mountain hike or a motocycle trip. SEQRID helps to reduce the risk of your favorite hobby.

Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety

Complex situations - focused protection. Modern work environments are harder to oversee. SEQRID helps to increase safety in case of accidents and provides relevant data when needed.

Older People

Older People

When strength vanishes: SEQRID offers additional safety and protection. Benefit from your new partner on your wrist.

Relief Forces

Relief Forces

Even pros are not invincible - SEQRID provides special services to professional helpers - contact us for more information.



The applications for SEQRID are endless - SEQRID is there to assist in exceptional situations.

Three steps for more safety.

  • 1Register on www.seqrid.com for free
  • 2Create your individual safety pass for free
  • 3Print your SEQRID-sticker for free
    Or buy a SEQRID braclet or an UV-resistant stickers in our online shop.

The free SEQRID BASIC account provides you already the complete safety pass including your emergency information.

Furthermore you have the option to subscribe for SEQRID PLUS+ to get some great additionlal features for you and your loved ones.


Personal Account

Manage your data on www.seqrid.com

Personal safety pass

Make your emergency information available in your safety pass.

Print your SEQRID-Label

If you need it fast: Your personal self-printed SEQRID-label.

Link a SEQRID-Product

SEQRID offers high quality bracelets, watch add-ons and stickers that can be linked to your account.

Add a Trusted Person

Add a trusted person who should be contacted by first responders.

Manage your FamilyTop!

Manage up to five safety passes for your family or friends in a single account.

Extended Safety PassTop!

Display your trusted person and a personal message on your safety pass.

Translator Top!

Provide your safety pass in the local language if scanned abroad.

Navigation to an emergency location Top!

You receive the position of a scan and can use your map-app to navigate to this location.

"I'm OK"–Feature Top!

Let your trusted person know that you're fine.




* Your safety is important for us. SEQRID BASIC is and will always be free!



Is my data save?


The protection of your personal data has high priority for SEQRID. The data is stored in a european data center and we meet the requirements of the GDPR.

Your data is visible in your personal account and can only be edited by you. We will never give your data to any third party - except to display your safety pass.

If your safety pass is shown you will receive a notification by e-mail.


Can anybody scan a SEQRID-product unnoticed?


To prevent arbitrary retrieval of your safety pass but provide your maybe lifesaving data immediately when needed, SEQRID uses a two-step query process: If a SEQRID-code on your product is scanned we show only your personal message and the contact to your trusted person. If your emergency data is requested the person who scans has to provide the location.

SEQRID informs you by e-mail about every registered scan. If you have a PLUS+ account you will also receive the location of the scan. If the scanned person is e.g. a separated child you can use the scan location to navigate to the place by your preferred map app.

SEQRID recommends where to wear your SEQRID-code. For bracelets we recommend the left wrist. For helmets on the forehead or on the left side area below the ear. This positions make it very hard to scan your product unnoticed.


When and where should I wear my SEQRID product?


Basically you should wear your SEQRID product as often as possible because emergency situations are by definition unpreditable. Especially recommended is the use of SEQRID if you or a family member is in an exposed situations, e.g. large crowds, sports, work etc.

SEQRID recommends where to wear your SEQRID-code. For bracelets we recommend the left wrist. For helmets on the forehead or on the left side area below the ear. These positions are communicated to relief forces.


What are the requirements that my data is retrievable by a SEQRID-code scan?


To scan the SEQRID-code on your product you need a device with a QR-code scanner. Often these scanners are already integrated into the camera function of a mobile phone. Alternatively there are a lot of apps for all operating systems.

Additionally the scanning device needs a connection to the internet to request data from a web-server. In case of mobile phone a data connection needs to be available. The response time is dependend of the signal strength and the quality of the used mobile network.


My mobile phone has emergency info - why should I use SEQRID?


SEQRID uses a simple and robust code that can be scanned by first responders. Espacially in emergency situations there is a high risk that a mobile phone breaks, has no power or can simply not be found.


Can I borrow my SEQRID product to someone else?


No. The SEQRID-product is activated for you and is linked to your safety pass. We inform everyone that the safety pass contains potentially lifesaving personal emergency data. This is why you should never give a product with a SEQRID-code (e.g. a helmet or bracelet) other people.

If you don't want to use a SEQRID-product anymore you can deactivate the product in your account. This SEQRID-product can be reactivated again in any account.


Can I use SEQRID if my PLUS+ account expired and I don't want a PLUS+ account?


Yes. If you registered on SEQRID and you created your safety pass you can use SEQRID independent from your PLUS+ account.

If you have a PLUS+ account and you don't want to renew it you can simply use our free BASIC-account as long as you want. In this case the PLUS+ features are deactivated - but your safety pass is still available.


How many SEQRID-products can I add to my account?


You can assign as many SEQRID-products as you wish.


Will SEQRID read or edit my emergency information?


No. Only you edit the emergency content of your safety pass. SEQRID will not edit it or check the content of it. That also means you are responsible for the correctness of your data.


Can I delete my data anytime?


Yes. You can delete the data and also your account anytime. Independent from your SEQRID description.